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He or she is about to be three, which means toddlerhood is coming to a close and big-boy, big-girl-ville is about to begin. Of course, your mature mini needs a roster of age-appropriate birthday gifts to match, which is why we culled over 25 stellar presents, all 3-year-old approved.

Not only is this beneficial to imaginative play, but also to the develop of character traits as patience and fortitude. What about a big wheel or a trike? Helps 3 year olds learn to write and expand their language and communication skills.

Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best Toys for 11 Year Old Boys Tweens are becoming a new growing demographic since , according to psychologist, Kit Yarrow in his book Gen BuY. This is a tech-savvy generation born the beginning of the millennium and still continuing.5/5.
Welcome to Wicked Uncle's great toys and perfect birthday and presents for 3-year-old boys. We have tested everything on real three year olds. We have got unusual activity sets, cars, games, puzzles and 99%(K).
For an active, curious and playful toddler, you need a toy that’s sure to keep him interested while also helping him grow and develop. At Fat Brain Toys, we’ve made it easier than ever to find the best gifts for 3-year-old boys by putting together this collection of our most popular picks for that age and gender.
Buying presents for three year old boys is easy with Wicked Uncle. From colorful puzzles to role-play toys and brilliant bedtime stories, we know just what 3 year olds .
Jun 26,  · More Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3-Year-Old Pedaling and Pushing Most 3-year-olds are coordinated enough to ride a tricycle and a scooter, but learning to ride a two-wheeler is another ()
Gift Guide: What To Buy A 3-Year-Old

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hello again, I just asked what for suggestions on what to get my 2 year old grandson Now its been along time since I have had little guys- but I need suggestions now for my (yes My three year old son!!! LOL thank you for all your wonderful suggestions.

Since we know table tennis can be just as gruelling and can be played like regular tennis, teams can be easily formed for matches — also, a lesson in winning through teamwork. With rolling caster and easily foldable design, this table could even be enjoyed in the backyard on a nice summer day barbecuing!

Stimulate the Alessandro Volta in your kid with the in-1 Electronic Playground. Consider it a smorgasbord of everything electronic but designed especially for kids.

The kit helps any eleven year old to try creating his very own electronic device such as a magnetic bridge, an electronic noisemaker, a finger touch lamp , a metal detector, and an electronic keyboard, just to name a few. There are 50 electronic designs to keep your kid busy. Benefits — This is a toy in the style of classics like Operation or Simon Says! It gives an array — a landscape — of options with an electronic flair to them.

The examples given of a metal detector, magnetic bridge, noisemaker, etc. It can lead to hours of play, further research, and maybe even an investment into future educational toys and tools through this experience. Playing catch has never been more fun than with the Djubi Classic. Think of the Djubi as a slingshot with a butterfly net attachment. The colorful ball gets hurled into the air through its built-in slingshot mechanism then caught with the wide-brimmed, netted racquet.

The set comes with 2 pairs of racquets and balls. The Djubi brings back this element. This opens the possibility of greater development and confidence in this area. With a netted racquet that has a very wide brim on it, progress can be certain, painless, and give an added bonus even being outdoors.

This can help with his visual-motor skills as well as balance and coordination. The dexterity and athletic ability of your adolescent boy are of ever-increasing importance; they will want to prove themselves on the unsure ground of their pubescent hierarchy, but they will also want to build a friendly and familiar group of their peers to share in their development.

Benefits — This dart set gives them an accurate and easy to use board for competitive play among their friends and prospective friends, without all the worry associated with traditional dart boards. This child-safe and family oriented product from Marky Sparky will help them build dexterity and healthy competitive habits. One characteristic of 11 year old boys is their creative fascination for anything mechanical and electronic. With the Snap Circuits Jr. SC Electronics Discovery Kit they can now create over a hundred electronic gadgets and devices including a photo sensor, a siren with an adjustable volume, and a flashing light.

The kit comes with about 30 electronic parts that need no special tools and instruments to connect. Benefits — Boys in general like to build and create! The tween is at the crucial stage of development as to what future direction he may go in! This circuit kit can further enhance that budding spark of dormant curiosity. The possibilities are endless aside from the that are listed. The example of a single photo sensor alone can lead to a myriad of other options!

It also helps enhance problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Best Science Toys For Kids. This small yet sturdy quadcopter features a built-in HD camera capable of both shooting and recording still pictures and movies, respectively. It has a 6-axis gyroscope to give it unparalleled stability, maneuverability, and the ability to perform acrobatic stunts like a degree flip. Its radio controller operates on an interference-free 2. The Akaso comes with solid high quality plastic propeller blades for optimum durability.

Benefits — The quadcopter is a favorite for aerials and stunts! This is the right gift for an older child who can easily find pleasure out this toy. Just being able to take it out and have fun flying it remotely. Just take this out to the park, while having a picnic and the day will be set! The HD camera can allow for landscape pictures and captured moments, let alone the ease of mobility from the axis gyroscopes.

It can help enhance visual motor coordination while encouraging imaginative play. Creativity can also be stimulated in terms of video and photo capture. Give your 11 year old boy the Dune Buggy and see him roll throughout your neighborhood in style. The Buggy is built with a wraparound tubular steel frame with comfortable bucket seats complete with seatbelt.

It is powered by a watt electric motor supplied by a rechargeable battery to propel it up to 10 mph. The large 8-inch pneumatic tires allow for excellent grip and stability while promoting a more comfortable ride. It can support an individual weighing no heavier than lbs.

Head over to our Ride-On Toy category for more awesome products like this! Benefits — This is the classic dune buggy that a lot of kids grew up with back in the day! Razor has given it both a new design and a new twist! The tubular steel construction makes it lighter and much easier to handle than perhaps its earlier counterparts.

While the battery operation and chain-driven engine allow for a more sustainable alternative. It should help enhance the imagination of your kid as well as help strengthen his hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Whether your kid is a fan of hockey or not, the NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set is one of the most exciting gifts you can ever give an 11 year old.

The goal measures 28 inches wide, 20 inches high, and 12 inches deep with the net made of highly durable polyester. It includes 2 hockey sticks as well as 2 foam balls instead of the classic puck. Benefits — This is the perfect introduction for playing the sport of hockey! If you like hockey but have never been on the ice before, just set these up in your neighborhood for a friendly game of street hockey!

This is all about creating endurance, through physical outdoor activity. In addition, a competitive spirit can be developed along with greater motor coordination! Great for strengthening arm and leg muscles as well as hand-eye coordination and timing.

The Football Dice Game" ]. What better gift to give then a classic. This is a classic basketball that is great for 11 year old boys just starting the game. It is an official sized basketball has been created to make the kids feel like the professionals. The ball features a durable rubber cover that makes it ideal for outdoor use, but it also still great for the indoor courts as well.

Each deep channel on the ball is marked in black making it easy to handle and great to grip. With the junior size ball, it is ideal for players from the ages of 9 to 12 years old.

Getting them out on the court is easy with this ball. The official look of this ball with the easy to handle cover makes it ideal for any player to get started with. Benefits — Playing sports like basketball is a great way to promote the hand eye coordination of any 11 year old boy. Practicing dribbling, passing, and shooting the basketball is a great way to refine the hand- eye coordination skills. The ball is a great size for them to start out with and really has the look of a professional basketball.

The wedge shape of the ramp gives kids an excellent lift. It also features a non-slip fully rubberized feet for optimum traction and stability. The ramp has a weight limit of lbs. This is for the boarder who wants to try and improve or the experienced border that just wants to get back to basics! And the non-slip traction keeps everything secure! For motor-neuron development and hand-eye coordination, this is your best bet!

One of the current crazes today is Kan Jam. The game is quite simple. Place 2 trash can-like bins about 40 feet apart. Each bin, or Kan, has an open slot right down the middle and 2 openings on top. If they slot it in the middle, they win. Benefits — This is a good game for problem solving skills and spatial orientation. The Kan Jam has a unique way of helping to orient kids to just the right feel of programming these coordinates into the subconscious muscle memory. The rules of the game, along with strategy and athletic ability, are just complex enough to bring on long-term tangible benefits.

For 11 year olds, this will be great for enhancing accuracy, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Also great for strengthening muscles and reflexes. The piece building toy is one of the best gift ideas especially for fans of the Ghostbusters franchise. It come with the ghost-busting quartet of Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon and features all of their ghost-busting gadgets and devices including proton packs and paranormal detection equipment.

This is good way of uniting parents and child alike, since this toy has a theme that is cross-generational. Also helps facilitate imaginative play. You May Also Like: Best Lego Toys For Boys. Who needs the Transformers when your 11 year old boy can take full control of the Mindstorms EV3? This piece building set can help kids create at least 5 different, fully mechanical robots that run on the powerful ARM9 processor.

It comes fully integrated with 3 highly interactive servo motors, a redesigned and heavily improved color sensor, a revved-up infrared sensor, and an equally reengineered touch sensor.

It can also be programmed using the PC or Mac. Benefits — This is definitely the toy of the young millennial! This is easily programmable through remote software. Not the typical Lego set with more mechanical part than building blocks, such as a servo motor and color sensors.

The interchangeability of the parts and the software make it possible to create multiple mechanical avatars the ARM9 processor. Seriously, even adults will go crazy with the endless possibilities of having to design, create, and program your very own robot. Kids who love mini robots will love the Ozobot 2.

These tiny drones no bigger than an inch are highly programmable. The Ozobot can be programmed to perform any activity that kids have in mind. They can even build their own little city full of Ozobots.

Benefits — This is a great introduction to the world of drones. It is just simple enough and remains grounded. The capabilities of the Ozobot far outweigh earlier models produced. The applications provided from the company site are various…Not to mention, all the outside research that both parent and child alike can find to download.

This can help enhance their problem solving skills particularly their divergent thinking as well as counterfactual reasoning. Also ideal for imaginative play. If your boy loves puzzles and challenges, then give him the Perplexus Rookie.

The Perplexus features 70 challenges that will keep your kids flipping, twisting, and spinning the sphere to get the ball to its target. Read our article on the top educational toys for kids for more products like this! Benefits — This was also considered to be one of the top educational toys, as well! This is a phenomenal problem-solving toy and tool. The ingenious method of containing 22 feet of labyrinth into a 7 meter space in itself is a feat of the highest caliber in engineering and manufacture!

The level of concentration and dexterity that this toy requires will keep your son occupied for hours! Not only is this beneficial to imaginative play, but also to the develop of character traits as patience and fortitude. This version of the Mini should be an excellent tablet for any 11 year old as it already features p HD recording and runs on iOS 6, upgradeable to iOS 9.

Smartmax Power Vehicles - Magnetic Construction Use the power of magnets to build fun vehicles with this 26 piece set. Gotrovo - Treasure Hunt Game Solve the clues, follow the trail This 5" duck call imitates the sound a duck makes - fowl play! Fast Flip Racetrack Speed and flip your way down the track counting as you go!

Twilight Turtle - Starry Nightlight Superb nightlight that transforms any room into a starry night sky. Maze Craze - Live-action Joystick Game Use the joystick to move the maze pieces and test your skills! My Magnetic Daily Calendar - Wooden Learn the days, months, seasons, weather, holidays and your moods!

Monster Bowling Set Bowl the stuffed ball at six fuzzy monsters - great fun! Space Race Pinball Game Become a pinball wizard in the minor leagues! Sequence for Kids - Matching Game Fun, educational game matching animal images to get 4 in a row!

Waddle Bobbers - Penguin Party! Simple, easy bathtime fun- with water slide and friendly bobbers. Vehicle Sound Blocks Two wooden blocks with vehicle pictures - match up to sound.

Gears Deluxe Building Set - Pieces Build spinning colorful constructions with snap together pieces. Build-a-Dino T-Rex - Roaaaar! Assemble and disassemble this vicious T-rex all by yourself. Automobile Engineering Kit - with Storybook! Build the ten vehicles encountered in a 32 page illustrated story.

Chunky Dinosaur Puzzle Solid, chunky wooden puzzle with 7 brightly colored dinosaurs. Farm Sound Blocks Lovely chunky peg piece puzzle that makes real farm animal sounds.

Danny the Penguin - Arctic Nightlight Light up the tundra in 5 different colors with a sweet penguin pal! Busy Buzzing Robot - Sensory Explosion This adorable whirring robot's got all the bells and whistles! Sands Alive - Starter Set Incredibly tactile play sand set with all the tools you need.

Dynamo Wooden Dominoes - with Tricks! Bright colorful piece set with assorted tricks - a new adventure! Magnetic Stacking Rocket Superb magnetic rocket to take apart and build again and again!

Deluxe Doctor Kit - 11 Plastic Pieces Use all the tools in this doctor kit to solve any aches and boo-boos. Magnetic Calendar - Beautiful Day Colorful hanging magnetic calendar, endlessly fascinating. Smartcar - Preschool Puzzle Can you assemble the car just right? Jungle Snakes and Ladders Giant jungle-themed puzzle version of this classic favorite.

Pengoloo - Fun Memory Game Fun memory game - go on an eggspedition with penguins! Rock Painting - Decorate Your World!

Paint your masterpiece, then hide and find for others to enjoy. Meet Magnetic Joey Meet magnetic Joey with 26 separate outfits and stories.

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A three year old boy can often spend long stretches of time on his own, absorbed in solitary play activities without the need for external input. But of course . For an active, curious and playful toddler, you need a toy that’s sure to keep him interested while also helping him grow and develop. At Fat Brain Toys, we’ve made it easier than ever to find the best gifts for 3-year-old boys by putting together this collection of our most popular picks for that age and gender. Jun 26,  · More Birthday Gift Ideas for a 3-Year-Old Pedaling and Pushing Most 3-year-olds are coordinated enough to ride a tricycle and a scooter, but learning to ride a two-wheeler is another ()